I am not interested in the business of fashion, or fashion seasons or walking the expected road. I care only about epicurism, luxury, voltaic sexual style and freedom.

Luxury is conscientious detail and integrity. Luxury is far more than materialism, it is also a state of mind. True luxury is living the consummate balance between the frivolous, the beautiful, the meaningless and the deep and very meaningful.

Style is an innate desire for that which you love. Translated through my footwear, voltaic sexual style is ostentatious simplicity. It is meticulous craftsmanship, the pinnacle of Italian components, the slimmest vertiginous steel heels and 9ct gold plated fittings. It is the most precious of glittering exotic skins and opulent furs in the most minimal amounts and the most refined feminine aesthetic.

Freedom is doing exactly what you want to do. I wanted to make the most seductive footwear I had ever seen and so I did.....